Acrobatics Circus Troupe (ACT) was founded in 2019 to empower the children in Katwe and to keep them away from the violence, drugs and gang activity that are prevalent in their community. What started as a few people getting together to learn how to juggle has grown into a 501c3 nonprofit supporting over 225 children. 


Through circus performance, we teach our athletes the importance of teamwork, trust, patience, and consistency. We provide all of ACT’s members with scholastic materials, porridge and clothing. We have also been able to get 13 children back into the classroom through our school sponsorship program. 


As our athletes reach adulthood, we look for ways to economically support them through coaching opportunities and circus shows. We have developed numerous talented athletes who have performed across Uganda and internationally. 


ACT’s programs are free to participants, with financial support coming from our generous donors and partner organizations. 


Katwe is an underserved community located in the heart of Kampala, Uganda’s capital city. It is a crowded community of approximately 700,000 people with very little space between neighbors. It is an area known for criminal activity, which is attributed to the high unemployment rate. In order to survive, people are often left with no options other than to steal or sell drugs. 


In Uganda, half the population is below the age of 16. However, despite there being so many children in the country, education is not free and the drop out rate is particularly high in Katwe where parents often can’t afford for their children to attend. 


This profile in New Vision looks at ACT's work through the eyes of Marion, a Junior Team member. According to Marion, joining ACT changed the trajectory of her life and inspired her to dream of a future outside of Katwe. To read the entire piece, click here.




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