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In 2019, Richard Walusimbi and Nicole Giusti co-founded Acrobatics Circus Troupe (ACT) as an answer to the violence, drugs and gang activity that were prevalent throughout the community. Together, they combined Richard’s personal knowledge of the community, Nicole’s experience as a college cheerleader and their joint experience working at nonprofits. What started as a few people getting together to learn how to juggle has grown into a 501c3 nonprofit supporting over 500 children in the community. 


During COVID-19 pandemic, children were out of school and parents were struggling to support them as the pandemic stifled the Ugandan economy. In Katwe, the potential for disease was high as the majority of people did not have access to clean, running water. To combat this, we built hand washing stations, distributed masks and provided pamphlets on COVID-19 precautions. We also made meals every day to ensure that no one went hungry. We stepped up when others wouldn’t to guarantee that our members remained healthy and still were able to find joy and enjoy childhood in the midst of a dangerous time. 


Joining ACT is completely free to participants with financial support coming from our generous donors and partner organizations. 


At the heart of Kampala, a city of 1.5 million resident, lies Katwe. Despite over 700,000 people living in this neighborhood, the community is often forgotten and lacks most essential government programs. ACT strives to fill this resource gap by providing food, clothing, school supplies, and engaging after school activities to all the children in the community. 



This profile in New Vision looks at ACT's work through the eyes of Marion, a Junior Team member. According to Marion, joining ACT changed the trajectory of her life and inspired her to dream of a future outside of Katwe. To read the entire piece, click here.

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